How to Talk to a Trump Supporter

You have been baffled. You have fought and pleaded. Of course, you have been staring down into the Abyss for years. You have known fire breathing conservatives and may even run into a few in your next family gathering. Your uncle maybe a fire breathing NRA member but he is family. What can you do but just love him and live on?


But now we have Donald Trump. It’s no laughing matter any more. Tony Schwartz, the guy who actually wrote “The Art of the Deal.” and knew Trump up close, thinks a Trump presidency “will lead to the end of the civilization.” He may or may not be right. But the same irrational force that propels the Trump candidacy has been around us for decades and will be around for decades. Jon Steward has been mocking the conservatives for decades to no avail.

You have to understand them and empathize with them in order to talk to them. We don’t have a choice any more. Michael Moore, the liberal cacodemon himself, advocated and explained this point back in 2003. In his book “Dude, Where is My Country?” he devotes a chapter on how many conservatives are decent people who can be swayed if you talk right. It was an excellent piece of writing that went largely ignored since. Of course, the conservatives were not going to listen to Michael Moore himself anyway. But it’s a tragedy that the progressives didn’t heed his advice either. In a way, I am doing little more than repackaging his points in the new context we face today.

Great storytellers talk about what the audience care about.

Probably the most important point was this: You don’t talk about what you care about. You talk about what THEY care about. You have to talk about WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM.

According to Michael M, not to mention your own experience, it’s pointless to talk about social justice, equality, human suffering, or baby seals dying on the beach or whatever the liberals care about this week. You can talk endlessly about Trump’s character flaws but they don’t care. (They may pretend to care the politician’s character or morality, especially when there is a skeleton in a Democrat closet. But they don’t really care.) You must talk about what drives conservatives for real. First and foremost, the conservatives care about MONEY, followed by SECURITY.


To be fair, we all care about money and security. But let’s examine what stereotypical liberals look like. A stereotypical liberal is a bleeding heart college kid with no money but never had to worry about where her next meal is coming from. Another stereotypical liberal is a benevolent mega rich like Warren Buffet or even Bill Gates. They have so much money so the last thing they worry about is losing money or making money. Most people, including most conservatives and yours truly, have things to lose and reasons to worry. We all have GREED AND FEAR within us and driving us. Greed and Fear drive the stock market up and down, and they also drive our lives.

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You may think the conservatives are beholden more to Greed and Fear than the liberals. You may even be right. But there is no point in criticizing. Greed and fear have their purposes time to time. Greed fuels capitalism. Fear can keep us safe. Both drive hard works. You can’t completely denounce capitalism without being a hypocrite yourself. I personally find those hipster liberals carrying the latest Apple gadget hypocritical.

We CAN talk to the conservatives without demonizing capitalism or what they value. Let’s first discuss the traditional cause of the right: MONEY/ECONOMY.

Why Vote a Democrat? What’s in It for ME? Let’s Talk Economy

Economy does better under Democrats. Donald Trump

Yes, Donald himself said that the economy does better under Democrats. It has been an empirical fact for a while. Acccording to Michael Moore, this one thing can start to make differences with conservatives. When they are presented with the fact that under the Democrats we had better economic and job growth, their hard shell starts to crack.


BTW, you know how the Republicans these days love to mention that GOP is the party of Lincoln? You can mention how GOP is also the party of Herbert Hoover, the Great Depression president. We had Great Depression and Great Recession under the GOP presidents. FDR, Bill Clinton, and even Obama all worked to recover the country out of the economic hole.

But the Democrats are the Tax and Spend Maniacs!

I want to touch on this point. If you can explain WHY the Tax and Spend Democrats constantly have been good for the economy in the times of crisis, you may earn a few more converts.

I remember Mike Huckabee, the loving follower of Christ and hater of gays, criticizing Obama by saying you are supposed to stop spending when the economy is in trouble. To be fair, that makes perfect sense for you and me. You don’t go shop for a Porsche when your wallet is thin and your job is insecure. But what happens when everyone stops spending money? The stores down the street will close down. Your house’s value plummets. When nobody buys the products your employer sells, you will be laid off. And when you and your neighbor are laid off and have no money to spend, more stores close down. Down the spiral we go.

This is where running a country is drastically different from running a business. When nobody spends money, it’s the government’s job to spend money to counter the downward spiral. During the time of recession the super rich put their billions under the mattress. Then it’s the government’s job to tax them and put that money back into the economy. When more consumers have money to spend, then the rich start investing again. This should make perfect sense, because that’s what happened each time the Democrats rescued the economy left tattered by the Republicans.

Do we have to make the rich richer to create jobs?

You heard many times from the Republicans that rich people create jobs, not poor people. That’s not true. The customers create jobs, not the rich. Millions of customers buying Ford Focus create jobs for the majority of American workers. Not a few rich people who buy yachts.


Finally, A Rich American Destroys The Fiction That Rich People Create The Jobs
This is an article from That sure sounds like a website of bleeding heart liberal commies, right? Also note they have a rebuttal to the rebuttal to the above piece as well.

The rich do not use their own money to create jobs anyway. They use money from the banks. Trump even uses the Chinese money.

Of course, our national debt is no laughing matter. But Bill Clinton managed to balance the budget while raising tax and boosting the economy. Obama was reducing budget deficit each year and that’s the path we should continue. Trump is actually proposing to spend MUCH MORE than Hilary while cutting tax dramatically. If you worry about national debt it’s completely irrational to vote for Trump’s mega spending plan. A libertarian mistakenly thinks if the government is castrated economy will boom. At least Trump knows that’s not true.

Let’s Talk About FEAR.

Let’s Talk about the Immigrants Without Being Racist.

I am an immigrant. I am a legal immigrant with citizenship. In fact if you are concerned about GOOD jobs being taken over by the immigrants, then you have to worry about people like me, not the illegal immigrants. I make six figures and own houses to rent out to native born Americans. Without me that could have been your job and life.

Or not.

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

We were talking about fear, right? People fear that illegal immigrants are bringing apocalypse to America. It’s the end of the USA. The illegal immigrants are bringing crimes, tax burdens, and uh. . . non-whiteness. But let’s put the last point aside for now.

First of all, are illegal immigrants swarming us? Are they exploding in numbers like a horde of alien bugs in the movie Starship Troopers? That’s what the Trump supporters fear. That’s what Trump wants people to believe. A few years ago we had images of Central American children (not Mexicans, to be sure) crossing the border in mass numbers. Back then the conservative emotional response was fear and disgust, not compassion. In any case that image stuck in our mind powerfully.

So are the problem getting worse? The answer is resounding no. We have less illegal immigrants today than the Bush times. We have more people leaving the US either forcefully or voluntarily. Obama worked with Mexico to ensure that less Central Americans are crossing into Mexico to reach the US.

Here is an Economist article calling Obama “deporter-in-Chief”

Barack Obama, deporter-in-chief

Here is an image that would distress those who care about human suffering. But it should comfort Trump supporters.

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No! I am not comforted! There are still too many of them! And they commit crimes!

I have something that can’t be emphasized enough: The immigrants, both legal and illegal, commit less crimes than the native born Americans. So let me emphasize one more time.

Immigrants, legal and illegal, commit less crime than the native born Americans.

Don’t believe me? Here is a chart that shows the comparative rate of crime:

And here is the link to the Wall Street Journal article. Again, WSJ is hardly a bastion of bleeding heart liberal commies.
The Mythical Connection Between Immigrants and Crime

Here is another noteworthy quote:

. . . incarceration rates among young men are lowest for immigrants, even those who are the least educated. This holds true especially for the Mexicans, Salvadorans and Guatemalans, who make up the bulk of the undocumented population. (Ruben Rumbaut, University of California, 2008. Published by the Police Foundation.)

Being an immigrant, I know that we (both legal and illegal) have strong incentives to behave and stay out of trouble. (After becoming a citizen I could afford to. . . experiment a little–the details of which I won’t go into.) Immigrants can and do get deported when they commit crimes and it’s only rational that they would be more careful. This is noteworthy given poor people are predisposed to crimes more than the middle class. And most illegal immigrants are of course poorer than average Americans.

Here let me go through some common claims made by the Trump supporters.

But they broke the law! They are criminals already! Law is law! They should be all round up!

Okay, they broke the law. And here are some questions: When was the last time you drove above the speed limit? Did you jaywalk recently? Did you smoke pot where it’s not legal? Did you listen to any illegal copy of music? Did you ever make a buck you didn’t report to IRS? Shouldn’t the government send stormtroopers in every door to round up all you law-breakers and punish you with maximum possible penalty? Why not? Aren’t you being a hypocrite?

Of course I am not saying breaking law is a-okay. But laws should be enforced in a realistic and sensible manner. People have been deported after committing felonies. People have been deported after workplace raids. Those are sensible, working ways.

They take our tax money! They all get free stuff!

I have no idea why some people think the illegal immigrants get free computers and free teddy bears or whatever. Our family was legal immigrants and getting government assistance was like pulling out teeth–all of them. If there is a way to defraud the system, it’s far more likely citizens commit frauds a lot more often than immigrants. As noted before, the last thing an illegal immigrant wants to do is to get tangled with the law.

Also, illegal immigrants do pay tax, contribute to the economy, or even create jobs. Many even pay into Social Security with little hope of ever receiving the benefit. Refer to the following article:
Undocumented Immigrants Pay Billions in Taxes.

The article is from US News and World Report. Another bastion of liberal commies!

But I heard about people killed by illegal immigrants!

Of course when you are talking about a large number of people you are bound to have bad apples. But you are much more likely to be a victim of a native born American criminal no matter how you slice the numbers. That’s a fact.

Ok, Let’s Talk about Race

Speaking of being a victim, here is a stat directly from FBI: On 2014, 82.4% of whites killed were killed by other whites. So the simple fact is that if you are white, you have much higher chance of being killed by another white person than any other group. A white, native born American male to be exact according to the facts. Of course, I am not saying you should start fearing a white man on street.


An Angry White Man Who Openly Talked About Shooting Someone.

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

The crime rate has been going down for a long time. But Donald says that crime is rising. He has to lie. Otherwise he has no case.

Crime rate
The Enemy is Fear. We Think It Is Hate. But, It Is Fear. Gandhi

Creating this politics of fear was not work of one man. The Donald is a more of a symptom that feeds on itself. On media, we have 24/7 culture of cultivating fear and frenzy. You may not have any idea about the goodwill works going on in your own town. But you see the worst the humanity has to offer 24/7 on media. You hear about the worst of the cops, the worst of the criminals, the worst of the whites, the worst of the blacks, the worst of the Muslims all the time. Under Obama, this country has been slowly getting better and safer, no matter what false bogeyman Trump presents. I am afraid that fear, division and polarity will only worsen as long as this culture continues.

Saying no to Trump is saying no to the irrational fear and scapegoating. Once we crack this, then we can talk about Trump’s hypocrisy, shady dealings, and character flaws.

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